Recovery Programmes

Our programmes are presented in an honest & confidential environment, enabling anyone to re-awaken a spirit of consciousness and well-being. Our aim is to re-establish healthy integration into society, preventing isolation through group therapy and mentorship. Through promotion of teamwork culture, we identify individual needs and strengths, creating a sense of unity.

Our Philosophy

Substance abuse affects individuals on three levels:

  • biologically (physical addiction)
  •  psycho-emotively (obsessive thinking, esteem-affecting) 
  • attitudinally (bankruptcy of spirit, fearful)

Substance abuse disorders are:

  • anti-social
  • chronic
  • relapse-prone
  • in, recovery, a lifelong journey

Whilst primary and fast-track treatments have their place, the best recovery stratagem remains lifelong support resources and life skills habit-forming

HouseOnCedar offers fast-track treatment, but its primary focus is on:

  •  long-term life skills reintegration, including phased return to work, home and social environments
  • self-actualization through group and individual counselling activity
  • programme discipline –recovery as well as household, employment and social responsibilities
  • holistic” approach – physical, emotional/cognitive and spirit through a “continuum of care”

Moves clients from the repetitive “cycle of addiction” (rehab-hopping”) to the “continuum of recovery”:

Recovery coaching & mentoring • group work • interventions • breaking of the behaviour chain • healthy relationship-building • non-residential option for those who have to attend work • nutrition & exercise • drug testing  • art/creative therapy, meditation & relaxation • planning & goal-setting

Our Philosophy

At 65oncedar Sober Living our aim is to assist and guide the early recoveree providing a living environment within a therapeutic recovering community, which is home away from home. It allows the client to slowly integrate back into their work and family life whilst still being involved in a structured, safe house, learning and implementing and practicing the recovery skills and tools for living clean and sober. Building a strong foundation for a sustained recovery lifestyle. The recommended minimum stay is ninety days.

The secondary phase is essential as there is a lot to learn around breaking the negative, self-
destructive behavioral patterns of active addiction. Some individuals have been stuck in a cycle of
‘rehab hopping’ over a period of years convinced that that was enough. In our experience in order to become productive and happy and to find one’s true authentic purpose without abusing substances requires digging deeper to the core of faulty belief systems, templates, and generational dynamics that lie deep under the surface. In essence, once the drugs have been put down and the fog begins to clear the real work can be done.

The tertiary phase begins once the recoveree is employed, the halfway house provides the structure
and support to implement recovery principles when dealing with life’s many pressures and keeping
the scales in balance.

The My Recovery outpatient program seeks to solidify recovery and its principles with clients either
attending primary rehabilitation, or those who have attended primary and are in secondary

The My Recovery outpatient program

The My Recovery outpatient program seeks to solidify recovery and its principles with clients either attending primary rehabilitation, or those who have attended primary and are in secondary care.

The recovery programs seeks to establish the following with the client:


Awareness of addiction


Developing new coping mechanisms to avoid relapse


Introduction and reinforcement of a 12 step programme


Development of motivation and goal setting strategies


Develop and implement new skill strategies


Develop and implement new life skill strategies


Awareness of addiction related behaviours


Awareness of the impact addiction has on relationships


Awareness of life skill practices


Identifying triggers for relapse


Develop new coping mechanisms in dealing with existing and new relationships

Survivor to Thriver

 Recovery – Empowerment from addictive abusive relationships 

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